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Allah(swt) made it so that me and my sisters, last 2 weeks, will come to know about a sick girl, zainab, a lady in her twenties, who has being lying on the hospital bed in the town where we reside, for nearly 4 years.

Yes, lying down literally! She encountered a fatal road accident march 4 years ago in which her lower limbs and a part of her spinal cord got severed. Her upper and lower limbs got paralysed(stopped functioning). These 2 structures make up the appendicular skeleton that gives attachment to other parts of the body, as such hold them in place & serve to propel the body forward during movement. Being paralysed, no other option was left but for her but to keep lying down; not sitting, not lying on the side, just lying there with only the head able to turn sideways. [Alhamdulillah, the upper limbs are now in good function]. To hear of such is not a suprise, many people encounter life endangering accidents, or more appropraitely, get tested by Allah(swt) in different ways. But meeting one on one with such a person, seeing how she is coping, one can’t help but say keep saying alhamdulillah.

The doctors were able to make her start to feel her upper limbs again i.e she began to make use of it, approximately 3 years after the accident, though still weak. For her to drink, she has to feed herself using a feeding bottle. she can hold on to something/someone as support and brace her back up, she subsequently began to use the wheel chair.
This was the state she was in when we met her. One would think, she’s alot better now, alhamdulillah. Honestly, i wish i could think the same.

Series of unsuccessful operations rendered her lower limb disfigured. Feets growing sideways, legs unimaginably thin, wounds all over her thigh that keep becoming worse because of inadequate funds to dress the wounds properly, sometimes going a day without food to eat, subhanallah. Coupled with all this is insufficient funds to go to a hospital with better medical facilities. Zainab has been through ALOT wallah.

She went through all this with a conscious mind. she could see, talk, hear, cry. she was aware of everything happening during these years of misery. She could see every one walking around with healthy legs bearing their weight. She could see everyone going about their busy lives, accomplishing tasks and bringing news about what happens outside the walls of the hospital. She happens to be a lively patient and she kept talking to us about everything from her health issues to lack of family to rely on for care, to few people rendering some assistance to her and from the little history we learnt of her life before the incident, she was one who could be referred to as “full of life”. When she talks, you know she’s not just a patient, she has an ordinary mind, just like you and i and thinks and analyses her situation, and badly wants her situation to improve. The doctor mentioned instances he would meet her depressed and crying. What plays in her mind, i don’t even want to think about; self pity is an understatement wallah.

We all can’t emphatize enough with her. We can’t imagine exactly how she feels or what goes through her mind, how she badly wants to get up and walk around, no! The truth is we can’t. But the BIG question is we that can do all she can’t do, what are we doing?! How are we been grateful to our Creator for being endowed with full functioning body parts? Are we using it to disobey Him by going against His commands? Are we using it to follow our lowly dunya desires? Are we thanking Him for our health?

“Say it is He who created you and endowed you with hearing(ears), seeing(eyes) and hearts. Little do you give thanks “[67:23].
Here Allah(swt) mentions some of the blessings He has given us, and how we are unthankful towards them.
“On the day when their tongues, their hands and their legs or feet will bear witness against them as to what they used to do”[24:24].
This ayah tells us that our own body parts will testify against us. They will claim any act of disobedience they were used for. Subhanallah, so actually, we are using our blessings that we already aren’t thankful for, to disobey the One Who gave it to us in the first place. But it doesn’t stop there; these blessings shall give us away on that difficult day by testifying to what they were used to for. In essence, there really isn’t any use of disobeying Our Creator.

Ya ukhtee Ya akhee, how are we using these blessings? How can we use a BLESSING, a favour, a grace granted to us by Allah(swt) to disobey Him? The sister that goes against Allah’s(swt) command by not wearing hijab becoming a fitnah to the ummah or the brother that goes partying all night long, or the business people who know nothing except fraud? A day will come when these blessings themselves will give us away. And how ungrateful a slave can be, using a favour to disobey the One who granted the favour.

Alhamdulillah, zainab will soon be undergoing treatment in shaa Allah, we hope and pray it will be successful; jazakhallah to her doctor & helpful family members, May Allah grant them all jannah.

One last thing; this actually is fascinating. “Just as we shall be accountable for what we use our blessings for, so shall she be accountable for what she uses her other blessings for” subhanallah. ‘And We did not create the heavens and the earth and that between them in play” [44:38]

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  1. salma tata
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 10:06:03

    Zainab’s plight has been on my mind since i heard of it. Lying down for 4yrs,ya Allah! May Allah heal her,amin. I take solace in ayat 2:286 in which Allah says he doesnt test a soul beyond its capacity. May Zainab pass her test,amin. May this be kaffara for her,amin. And for those of us in very good health,pls lets thank Allah not by saying Alhamdullilah alone but by acting it – obeying Allah and the Rasool(SAW). May we live and die as muslims,amin.


  2. bilkisu
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 10:19:34

    So heart touching!we really do not appreciate the favours bestowed on us by our creator Allah(SWT),rather,we use the favours to disobey,Subhanallah.But still,its not late,our Lord is AL-Ghafur,let us repent before its too LATE.Jazkumullahu Khairan.


  3. iamatullah
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 08:19:14

    Reblogged this on The Slave Of Allah.


  4. therandomdiary
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 08:23:25

    Reblogged this on therandomdiary.


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