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Have you ever been inspired without knowing what actually inspired you? Allah(swt) works in amazing ways, Allahul-azeem.

What i actually want to talk about, or in this case, type about, is: “the ideal muslimah etiquettes”, important or not?Don’t quote me wrong, i haven’t got it all mastered myself, though i’m really trying hard, May Allah(swt) help us all.

So what does it take to be an ideal muslimah in this 21st century of ours? A time where in free-intermingling comes at you from left, right and centre. Almost everywhere one goes, intermixing becomes persistently inevitable; School’s topping all the list(count yourself very lucky if you happen to go to a single sex school sister). Well there’s a way i see it. Come on now, let’s keep on moving, i’ll take you to see through my perspective
just now isA.

Have you ever come across a person who’s been made a ‘queen’ but chooses to become a servant instead? (humbleness aside, though really no one gets to that level of humbleness, lol). Someone given ‘shelter’ but prefers to stay in the bush? Truly, “strange is the affair of the woman”. Allah(swt) raised women to such high ranks, mashaAllah, but we choose rather to degrade ourselves, by our own selves.

Islamically, if a man is interested in a woman, whether madly in love, dying to talk to her, persuaded by her beauty, status, good manners, whatever possible, he first has to compose himself and meet her wali(‘guardian’ this could be in person, or any other means of communicantion) and ask permission to be granted to approach her. Such a man is undoubtfully interested in what this woman has to offer as to her beauty be it a made-up face, body figure, soothing voice, lovable personality, hypnotizing body scent… you name it. If he’s interested in her, he’ll of course be dying to see all these. He’ll want to see every detail of beauty in her. But remember; he has meet her wali and ask for permission just to approach her with such an issue, which is definately not going to be in a secluded place. So what happens if this man is just interested in a boy-girl relationship with this woman? Or he wants her just to fill his lust? Do you think he’ll go futher with all the steps he’ll have to take? Here, the muslimah is ‘sheltered’ from unfaithful men.

What most of us fail to comprehend is, these non-mahrams, are really not worth showing off our beauty to; the beauty in which ideally they wouldn’t be able to even catch a glimpse of unless permission is granted to them after meeting our rightful wali and futhermore, presenting the bride price, and other traditional formalities as well. We shouldn’t feed their already hungry eyes, rather, let the hunger drive them to learn and do the proper thing. Again, the muslimah here is treated as a special someone, ‘a Queen’.

So to my sisters in faith, i’m saying, why cheapen ourselves? Leaving our homes hijabless and inappropraite intermixing at every oppurtunity? When islam has placed us in such high standards! Sister who stays with him in the car, why degrade your standard? Don’t you think if you are of real worth to him, he’ll make effort to seek you in the rightful way. Non-hijabi sister, he’s actually getting what he wants to see so easily? Why please? When ideally he shouldn’t except if he’s the lucky one. Wear your hijab confidently and make him work for it if he’s interested. Your covered from head to toe because your special, you are not an object to be seen by everyone who decides to catch a glimpse, no! You are one in which certain steps have to be climbed, before you are even been approached. Sister who makes body contact with non-mahrams,(hand shakes, hugs) are you entirely sure you wouldn’t rather they approach you in a different manner, a much more respectful way? Sister who posts uncovered picture of herself, really, that cheap? Subhanallah, Allah(swt) has made us beautiful in everyway possible such that even our “voice” is “aurah”; its not to be heard by non-mahrams if not necessary.

Subhanallah, we really are “queens”, literally. We are given so much respect, much honour, given high esteem, placed in high ranks, priviledged position. How wise is degrading ourselves, by our ownselves? Or abusing the priviledge granted to us by our Creator? Because really it is a priviledge, a favour, a grace.

A popular arabic quote translated reads; ” If everyone knew the true status of muslim women in islam, even men would want to be women”.

A little advice i’m always telling myself: “we live in a society where seeking a woman the right way is not the norm, as such we’ll just have to EARN it” [by working on our ideal muslimah etiquettes, of course]. Ma’assalam.


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  1. bilkisu
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 08:02:44

    Mashaa Allah!Its the right and respectful way to approach the Queen of the Deen!


  2. zarah gashigar
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 08:04:14

    MashaAllah sis,itz rly educatng a job weldon.may Allah rward u abundantly Ameen.jakallahukhairan


  3. iamatullah
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 15:17:27

    Reblogged this on The Slave Of Allah.


  4. ameenadmg
    Feb 18, 2013 @ 13:19:59

    Reblogged this on gratefulmuslimah.


  5. Aisha Alkali
    May 03, 2013 @ 16:35:46

    Haleemadmg & Amatullah u girls are making me to fall in love with islam over and over again i have soo much benefitted from your articles jzk khair sistas


  6. Aisha Alkali
    May 04, 2013 @ 08:16:17



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