A mind blowing story

Mind Blowing Story
Salamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

So the story (read: true story) goes…

Abdullah ibn Umar (RA) loves grilled fish. But
they live in a desert. Fish are kind of hard
to come by.

Plus he’s known for his austerity.

So his loving wife (RA) saves up for months. She
plans things so that a caravan coming
from the sea brings with it some fish for
her husband.

Months later, the fish arrives. She gets it
ready, just the way her beloved husband
likes it.

As she sets the meal a man knocks on
the door. She tends to the interrupt.

“Who is it” her husband asks.
She tells him that it is a poor man asking
for charity.

He tells her to give him

She objects. “This is your favourite meal”.
“This took months to prepare”

He thanks her for her love and explains that
he read the verse of the Quran:

“You shall not attain bir (the highest form of
piety) until you spend from that which you love
the most” – Surah Aal-e-Imran, verse: 92

“So give him the fish” he concludes.

She does so. Then.

She runs after him and asks him:
“Can I buy the fish back from you?”

He agrees. She takes it back and explains
to her husband how she still has the fish.

She sets the meal down. Again. There
is a knock on the door. She checks.

Same guy !
He’s clocked-on that he can make a
small fortune from this.

Abdullah ibn Umar says to his wife:
“I have nothing more beloved to me
than this fish… give him the fish”

She does so obediently and then
runs after him to buy it back.

This happened a total of three times. She
swore by Allah that the beggar not return
after the 3rd time. He didn’t.

So what are the lessons ?

It’s not that beggars should knock doors
when people are about to eat. lol

And it’s not that we should all like grilled fish.

Think about this story and absorb it. I promise to tell
you tomorrow, insha Allah.

Salamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullah,
AbdelRahman Mussa

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