Potential power

esterday I talked a bit about how building strength is what tazkiyah is all about.

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Potential Power
Salamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Yesterday I talked a bit about how building
strength is what tazkiyah is all about.

It’s not constrained to acts of worship.

Before giving details of the actual
lessons to be taught and the lessons to
be derived.

We have to talk about something else.

What is power ?
Or more specifically, have you heard of that
saying that “knowledge is power”

Most people have.
It’s not true.

Knowledge is not power.
Knowledge is only potential power.

Knowledge in action is POWER.

Knowledge without action can even degrade you !

Allah describes those that were given the
teachings and the responsibility of the Torah,
but didn’t carry the teachings out,
as donkeys carrying a load.

They’re not donkeys because they were given
knowledge. They’re not donkeys because they
were Jewish (many prophets were Jewish!)


The metaphor is of a donkey carrying a load.
Meaning… The donkey can’t make use of the
load. And it also doesn’t have the sense to let
the load go.

So before we go into the knowledge, I need
you to understand that it’s potentially
dangerous to have that knowledge.

Or any other knowledge.

If you use it properly, as with anything
in Islam, then you’ll fly.

If you don’t use it…. let’s leave it unsaid.

The companions of Mohamad
peace be upon him
would learn 10 verses at a time.

They would not learn any more than that.

They would learn them and then only after
having implemented them would they
go back to memorise more.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about an amazing
feat of the prophet
peace be upon him
and a lesson that I’m sure will amaze you.

Tomorrow insha Allah.

Salamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullah,
AbdelRahman Mussa

PS: No doubt tawbah (repentance) is a big
part of tazkiyah.

But. There are many. Many. Many.
Misconceptions about it.

I shot a video on the day of Arafah explaining what tawbah is. And what it is not:

Leave a comment, share or email me with
your thoughts 🙂

PPS: The video might look like it was shot
in a cupboard.
I promise you that it was not.

Jazakumullah Khairan, Wassalamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullah

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