Powerful lessons

Powerful Lessons
Salamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

I know you’re eager. So lets just dive
into the lessons.

The obvious one:
He gave from that which he loves.

How many people can do that ?
And how many people would feel too bad
for giving away something that their beloved
wife slaved away at for months ?

But he understands and so does she.

It’s not about this life.
She understands that he is only giving it
BECAUSE it’s what he loves best. Not
because he doesn’t like it.

And he is giving it away because he
wants the highest of places in paradise. He
knows that his wife will be with him,
insha Allah.

Another lesson:
She buys it back. Even though it was
hers in the first place.

What a beautiful example of giving.

There are many other lessons that I’m sure
you can get for yourself from this story.

But there’s one lesson that for me
is just pure dynamite.

But first.
Do you remember that email that I got ?

She continues to say that she didn’t
‘do’ tazkiyah with the intention of overcoming
her eating disorder:

“… – it was more of a subconscious effect that
I only became aware of after I had
changed certain mindsets and
developed new habits.”

On that note, a significant number of people
have asked about joining the program.
I launched it in
Ramadan of 2011 and alhamdu lilah,
it’s been a very fruitful and rewarding experience.

We had to shut the doors to new delegates
though, because we wanted to make sure that
we could answer questions and support the
delegates who did sign up.

We’re not after quantity. Quality is where it’s
at. So the doors for new registration are currently
closed. You’re in our newsletter list though, so
I’ll be sure to inform you when we do open the
doors again, insha Allah.

In the Quran, Allah always draws examples for us of
plants and trees. Why ?

Because we plant the seeds. A good word.
A small sincere action.

Even a sincere intention with no action.

And Allah takes that and multiplies it. So
the sister didn’t intend to get over her eating
disorder. She had given up trying.

But her sincerity in wanting to become a
stronger Muslim. That’s what led to this
gift from Allah. The gift she shared with me
by telling me.

I’ll tell you the most important lesson from
the story about Abdullah ibn Umar (RA)
insha Allah.

Before I go, if you’re benefiting from these
emails, please share some of the lessons
with friends through email, facebook, twitter

Though the doors to new registration are closed,
we will always, insha Allah, have the free
tazkiyah consultation available so that people
can always benefit.

It’s the least we can do and it’s our honour.

Salamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullah,
AbdelRahman Mussa

“The Mechanics of Difficulty”
– watch it. Not so that you can generate
difficulty ! But so that you learn what not
to do.

It’s important that you do so before tomorrow
if possible insha Allah.

Here’s the link again:
“The Mechanics of Difficulty”

If for some reason, the link doesn’t
work, just copy and paste:

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