True strength

Salamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

True strength is the bearing of fruits
from tazkiyah.

The prophet Mohamad
peace be upon him
once pointed at the mountain of Uhud and
said that, if he had it’s equivalent in gold,
he would give it away as charity within
3 days.

Have you been on Hajj or Umrah ?

That mountain is huge!
It’s not the tallest mountain, but it spans
a huge area.

Most people learn from this hadeeth
that the prophet Mohamad
peace be upon him
was merciful and generous.

That’s true.

But that’s not what’s amazing about this

Have you seen builders or a construction site ?

Have you seen how much work and time
it takes to move a bit of rubble out of the
way ?

And yet the prophet
peace be upon him
is promising us – LITERALLY – that if he
had as much gold as the mountain of Uhud…
that he would get rid of it within 3 days.

Think about that logistically.

Even with 50 bulldozers…
it would take months !

But. The prophet
peace be upon him
was so used to giving charity.
To helping others.
That he could have performed this
logistical impossibility.

He would have dismantled a whole mountain
and moved it such that the needy
would have benefited.

If taking the mountain apart wasn’t enough
to impress you, how about distributing
all of that weight to all of the people that
needed it.

And of course. First he’d have to know
who those people were. Before hand.
Because he only has 3 days!

So. Tazkiyah must produce practical outcomes.
Else it is incomplete.

I had a Muslim client once.
He suffered from stuttering.
He was telling me about how every
year he goes to Morocco for a week and
how he says the 1st part of the shahada
10,000 times each day.

I was intrigued.
I asked him what that did for him.

He said that it made him feel amazing.
It recharged his batteries.

He had my attention, but I’m diligent: “How
long did that charge last after you came back?

e answered: “two days”.

That’s not tazkiyah. But I didn’t tell him that.
Not at the time.

That is zhikr (remembrance of Allah). Not
tazkiyah. It’s important in and of itself, but tazkiyah
is so much more than that.

The most amazing thing about the incident
of the prophet
peace be upon him
pointing to Uhud, that I described above,
is the logistical prowess of the prophet
peace be upon him.

He is showing us what true tazkiyah does.
It enables you to literally move mountains !

And it’s also an indication that
giving charity, if done right,
is tazkiyah.

Remember that email that I
told you about 2 days ago ?

She goes on to say:

“By the Will of Allah swt, it has also allowed
me to overcome my eating disorder
which has plagued me for almost ten years
and I didn’t think I would ever recover from,

That’s strength. That’s power.
It’s implemented knowledge.

That is true tazkiyah in practice.

Tomorrow, insha Allah,
I intend to blow your mind with a
story you probably haven’t heard before !

Share what you’ve learnt today. Help to
clarify for our ummah that tazkiyah isn’t
just zhikr. Zhikr is an important part of
tazkiyah, but it’s not all of tazkiyah.

Remember to share with them the tazkiyah
consultation so that they can benefit from
that too please.

Salamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullah,
AbdelRahman Mussa

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