вє тнє ρєяѕση уσυ ωαηт уσυя ѕρσυѕє тσ вє

Be the person you want your spouse to be:

fear Allah
lower your gaze
don’t talk to the opposite sex
have sabr
be modest
maintain consistency
don’t backbite
stay away from arrogance
gain ilm
do not speak unnecessarily 
be humble
maintain proper adab
speak with knowledge
be just
know your obligations 
do everything for the sake of Allah

Wanted to draw out a list of this sort, but she first me to it, sister, wherever you may be, hope my little dua reaches you “jazakhillah khairan”.

So yes, back to the topic ‘be the person you want your spouse to be’; a lot of times we find ourselves describing the type of spouse we would like to marry “he/she will be this, will be that, will be perfect” this list never ends. True, each one of us dream of finding our soul mate, someone if not perfect, almost, one who would turn mere dreams into reality. We tend to think so much in this direction and most a times completely forget we also need to work on ourselves to be someone’s perfect spouse too.

“Bad women are for bad men (or bad statement are for bad people) and bad men are for bad women (or bad statement are for bad people). Good women are for good men (or good statements are for good people) and good men are for good women (or good people for good statements)…..[24:26]

In the above Qur’anic verse, (one of my favourite actually, ‘the qur’an is perfect yeah’ !), Allah(swt) explains to us how it works. Its a mutual thing.
To get the perfect man, you’ll also have to be the perfect woman and vice-versa.

Think about it. Let’s all be open-minded and ask ourselves this question; “are we the ideal wife/husband for someone?
Its a yes or no question (and I hope its a ‘no’ for everyone because we are only humans, we err, lol). But what we have to do now is “try our best” and inshaAllah we’ll be rewarded with someone that is also trying as the Qur’anic verse implies.

To the sisters, i am sure we all are not interested in the showing-off type of men of today, seizing every opportunity to flaunt luxurious food, home and more, but….its a mutual thing remember? If we ourselves aren’t simple, or at least trying to be, then we shouldn’t expect any better. We can’t talk of designer everything, from body accessories to house hold items and expect any better from them. Every party has its own form of bragging, so don’t be taken by surprised. Simplicity is the key; if nurtured in each one of us, has the ability to cure all of life’s problems.

Like wise, we all want practicing spouses, who are patient and lower their gaze, don’t talk unnecessarily to the opposite sex, as well as act according to the Qur’an and sunnah so as to lead us to jannah, and much more but in reality we ourselves possess very few of such qualities.

Forgive my blabbing, in essence, what am trying to say is: be good, try and be better, strive and be the best! In shaa Allah, Allah (swt) will reward us with the best.

Lastly: I know we’ve all heard or experienced one or two cases in which a good person is married to a bad person right? Usually very sad wallah. It might just be their test and in shaa Allah a bountiful reward awaits them, on that day of reckoning.

May Allah bless us all with righteous spouses, ameen.

‫ربنا هب لنا من اذوا جنا وزيا تنا قرة اعين واجعلنا للمتقين اماما ‬

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