тнє вєgιηηιηg σƒ αη υηєχρє¢тє∂ єη∂ιηg

The beginning of an unexpected ending

Wrapped in your warm blanket,
as you lay still in bed.
Think of your end,
wrapped in your kafn (shroud),
soon you shall be dead.

Ya asdiqa’ee (O my friends)
Live lives of modesty,
Recite quraan daily,
Beg Allah’s forgiveness fervently,
And your life will be filled with tranquillity.

Ya ukhti(O my sister)
Hide away your beauty,
As this is a sign of honor & dignity,
Do it proudly,
Dont let your shroud be the first time you are covered modestly,
Do not let it be done forcefully.

Ya Akhee(O my brother)
Your beard and the lowering of your gaze is a sign of Modesty,
A man too should lead a life of honor and dignity,
Obeying the commands of Allah readily,
Beautiful is your appearance as you symbolize that of our Beloved Nabi (pbuh).

Let us live freely,
Practising islam openly,
Loving one another dearly,
As our end shall soon arrive unexpectedly,
Let us leave this dunya (world) happily,
And enter Jannah gracefully.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maryam
    Mar 09, 2013 @ 11:49:15

    MashaAllah, nice poem ❤


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