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When a Muslimah hears that it is Haram to put her personal picture as a dp on facebook
She gives this argument:”but this is me! This is the face people see when I go out to the street. So what is the difference if people see my face on fb or in the street?!”
This is the answer for that:

First of all, when you put your picture as a profile pic on fb you are causing Fitnah to your brothers in Islam because you don’t help them to lower their gaze even if you are wearing your Hijab in that picture. In the street you suppose to lower your gaze as they (Muslim men) are suppose to lower theirs. But on internet, it’s different! Because any boy would feel that he is free to look to your picture as he wants, the moment he wants because you are showing it to the whole world, So sister! How can you let any stranger’s glances travel over your face, eyes, lips, etc…? how can you let his eyes eating your body like that?Any Boy on fb would thinks it is his right to look to the picture you are displaying in front of him forgetting that Allah is watching him. He is disobeying Allah of course, but think! Who led him to this disobedience?!!

Second, generally, people in the street can’t take picture of you whenever you go out but on fb strangers men can easily upload your picture and keep it for them without you know about it. Think about it, they can use it in creating false fb profiles or use them in “dating sites” or any other social site! Or worse, they can even edit it and spread it on net just for fun! This is something which happened to many many poor Muslim girls, so what if it happened to you too? Keeping your picture as dp even after knowing that this may happen to you, makes you guilty just as the person who may upload it.

Third, think how many sins you will have for every man who will look at you and admire your beauty? Are you ready to handle carrying all these sins?! Think about every Muslim girl who will be impressed by the way you’re displaying your picture so she does the same thinking it is ok to do it. Are you ready to hold the burden of sins of these girls?! “Whoever starts (or sets an example of) something evil in Islam, will bear the burden for that, and a burden equal to that of everyone who does it after him, without that detracting from their burden in the slightest.” [Muslim]

PLZ sisters! Think twice before putting your personal picture as dp! Don’t take it as small matter, don’t say “I will remove it one day” because you don’t know if you will live till that day. Not “if” but “When” that day will come, you will leave behind you sayyah Jaryah (continuous bad deed)! So are you sure you can handle all these sins while you are in your grave?!

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  1. therandomdiary
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 20:49:32

    Reblogged this on therandomdiary.


  2. Hadiza(Inna)
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 21:21:03

    Hmm, this is deep! Had me thinking…may Allah gant us the strength to stop and may he increase us in Knowledge!


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