July 4th: 19 years of journeying from Allah to Allah…..subhanahu wa ta’ala

July  4th 2013: 19 years of journeying from Allah to Allah….subhanahu wa ta’ala.

19 Lessons i’ve learnt
1. The greatest & most fulfilling type of love is the love of Allah, the One who loves me the most.
2. Whatever it may be, in the end its all about me, my nafs and Allah.
3. To love someone you don’t know is a mere fallacy, the one who claims to love Allah must lose himself in the love of His deen.
4. Beautifying ones character is a necessity indeed, using building blocks of patience & modesty.
5. To fall in love with the real thing: JANNAH♥
6. To taste the sweetness of eeman, one must first taste the sweetness of acquiring knowledge of the deen.
7. Having good company is a greater blessing than that of having food on the table.
8. To love to keep to oneself is another great blessing in of itself.
9. Silence is salvation.
10. There is nothing more beautiful in a woman than her hayaaa (modesty).
11. No matter how bad ones condition may seem, one still wouldn’t be able to thank Ar-rahman enough, for his other blessings.
12. Patience, modesty, gratefulness; 3 elements a mu’min certainly can’t do without.
13. The Qur’an in 2 words: life guide. No better company to journey through life with.
14. To be productive anywhere & anytime. Surely, time is man’s most valuable asset.
15. Every affair of the believer is good for him, How merciful my lord is.
16. To call people on to Allah’s path requires goodness & patience.
17. Allah Has placed women in high ranks, and the greatest injustice is to misuse that position.
18.  Everyone has some good in them, to see it though, their faults must be overlooked.
19. That Allah subhanahubwa ta’ala is my everything…..not anyone or anything ♥♡♥