Bismillahir-rahmanir raheem.

“But as for him who feared standing before his Lord, and restrained himself from impure and evil desires, and lusts. Verily, paradise will be his abode”. [79:40-41]

Evil/bad desires encircle everyone of us, the soul itself is inclined to evil (12:53), and there is satan all the time, whispering in our ears and hearts,  trying his best to get us to follow our evil desires. When we have thoughts like:

-backbiting about so and so/ telling that white lie or not? -uploading that picture of mine though I’m uncovered?
-watching that tv show with men & women barely covered?
-using non-islamic banking since the extra bucks(interest) could make a difference -wearing that fashionable hijab since I am still covered? Or not wearing the hijab at all?
And so many more…

Allah describes the people of jannah in the above verse as those that forsook their desires. Those that gave up what their heart was inclined to but instead had the courage to do the right thing. And as the great ibn taymiyyah described: it is by forsaking what we prefer to what Allah prefers, (hoping for his mercy) that the love of Allah will grow in our hearts.

In another verse, Allah describes those people saying: “and those saved from the couveteousness of their souls, they shall achieve prosperity” (59:9) Somehow we find out that our lives are full of such battles, and the simple fact that we have such battles means we have the capacity to do what is right. We have the capacity to be prosperous (59:9) and we shouldn’t let satan win us over. Satan will only say” and I no had authority over you except I invited you and you followed me, so blame me not but blame yourselves” [14:22].

Let’s use that extra effort to please Allah, surely no good deed will be will be of waste with Allah. I pray to Allah to help us overcome our evil desires all the time,nameen ya rabbil alameen.

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