Is He not sufficient for His slave?

☆Qur’anic Gems☆
“Is not Allah sufficient for His slave?” (Q39:36)

This is a verse that is so special to me.
This was revealed in regards to the idolators of makkah who tried to scare the Messenger (saw) with the gods and idols that they called upon.

In our time, it is not other gods or idols that scare us. It is not them that scare us away from holding onto to the deen of Allah. It is mainy people. We fear been rejected, or denied what we really want, or been ridiculed, if we do what Allah (swt)  commands. While He (swt) Has said:
“Is not Allah sufficient for His slave?”

Allah will be enough for us, He will suffice us, and protect us, just as He (swt) did to his messenger (saw), so RELY on Him. Next time shaitan or our nafs tries to prevent us from doing what Allah loves, call to mind this verse, and in shaa Allah, you will receive instant motivation.

May Allah (swt) grant us more understanding of the Qur’an, ameen.

Its christmas!

Its that festive time of the year again,  shops and streets are filled with trees, cards, paintings of santa, and christmas carols, depending on where we live, signifying the celebration of the kuffars. And once again, it remains a necessity to remind ourselves about the do’s and don’t’s surrounding this season, as muslims.
In shaa Allah I’ll touch all the areas that are commonly misunderstood about this festival of theirs.


1. What does christmas mean to muslims: The christians believe that our prophet Isa (jesus, AS) is the son of Allah (swt), wa iyyazubillah. And Allah gives a number of stern warnings about such claims:
“And they say: “The Most Beneficent (Allah) has begotten a son.  Indeed you (jews, christians, pagans) have brought forth a TERRIBLE EVIL thing. Whereby the heavens are almost torn, and the earth is split asunder, and the mountain falls in ruins, because they ascribe a son to the Most Beneficent”. [19:88-91]
“And warn those (jews, christians, pagans) who say, “Allah has begotten a son. No knowledge have they of such a thing, nor had their fathers. Mighty is the word that comes out of their mouth…”[Q18:4-5]
This time of christmas is the time where in they celebrate this terrible claim of theirs, believing it is the day the son was given birth to. Rejoicing and exulting this evil which angers Allah and every sensible muslim. So is it a time for muslims to be delighted?Or muslims to be baking christmas cakes?

2. Greeting them or replying to their greeting of ‘merry christmas’: Of course, this is wrong. Firstly, we are not happy about what they are celebrating. Secondly why should we reply their greeting since it is not our festival and we are celebrating it. Instead of replying their greeting, we should use such a chance to politely tell them about islam. Say things like: ” I’m not wishing you merry christmas because I’m not happy you are a christian, I want you to be muslim” and then steer the conversation to islam and what it says about christianity.  Greeting them on this occasion is so wrong that it is considered haraam by scholarly concensus, as was stated by Ibn al-Qayyim in his book Ahkaam Ahl al-Dhimmah, where he says:

 “Congratulating the kuffaar on the rituals that belong only to them is haraam by consensus, as is congratulating them on their festivals and fasts by saying ‘A happy festival to you’ or ‘May you enjoy your festival,’ and so on. If the one who says this has been saved from kufr, it is still forbidden. It is like congratulating someone for prostrating to the cross, or even worse than that. It is as great a sin as congratulating someone for drinking wine, or murdering someone, or having illicit sexual relations, and so on. Many of those who have no respect for their religion fall into this error; they do not realize the offensiveness of their actions. Whoever congratulates a person for his disobedience or bid’ah or kufr exposes himself to the wrath and anger of Allaah.”

3. Accepting their invitation (because one is too shy to refuse): Already, we know by now that this haram because it is worse than greeting them as it implies celebrating ‘their evil belief’ with them.

Similarly, we are forbidden to imitate them by having parties, exchanging gifts or giving out food, taking time off work e.t.c because the prophet (saw) said: “whoever imitates a people is one of them” [Abu Dawood].

4. Eating christmas food (because they brought it to your home, and you were too shy to turn it down or were not at home): Sadly, our aalims differ regarding this matter. Some say its wrong because by eating it, its like you are celebrating with them. While others say, as long as you don’t eat their meat, which was slaughtered for other than Allah, then it is ok, since their food has been made halal for us (Q5:5) and you didn’t go begging for it.

But, like my teacher said, we should fear Allah regarding this matter. Its as though some people are celebrating your father having an illegitimate son. Would you even consider eating the food made for such a purpose? And Allah knows best.

And we ask The Almighty to draw us closer to all that pleases Him, and distance us from all that displeases Him, ameen.

“O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the christians as Awliyaa’ (friends, protectors, helpers), they are Awliyaa’ of each other. And if any amongst you takes them (as Awliyaa’), then surely, he is one of them…[Q5:51]

Book Review One

Reclaim Your Heart, by Yasmin Mogahed; Personal insights on breaking free from life’s shackles.

Placing the dunya (this life) and the akhirah (the next world) at the right levels in our lives has always been a major problem. Sometimes we get confused on how to strike the right balance between the two, to live in the dunya and enjoy it, and yet work harder for & have a deeper attachment to the ‘akhirah’. Atimes its about the hardships we go through, how to look past it and understand they are just tests, which we are meant to pass or fail. And yet again, sometimes we forget our main purpose of being created; to worship Allah, but what exactly does that mean?

‘Reclaim your heart’, written by Yasmin Mogahed, a psychologist, is a life manual everyone should have. It teaches the reader how to live in this life without allowing life to own you.


It talks s about differentiating the life which is real and permanent from that which is temporary. It truly awakens the heart and provides a new perspective on love, loss, happiness and pain. It is indeed a must have on every muslim’s bookshelf.

Be so close to the Qur’an….

Be so close to the Qur’an that with every
turn of its page, your heart also turns.
You undergo a change of character; and
come out better. You come closer to Allah
and you understand your religion more.

Be so close to the Qur’an that not only do you
consider it to be your companion in life, but it
also considers *you* to be its companion both
here and on Yawm al-Qiyamah (Day of

Be so close to the Qur’an that whenever
you open to read it, it draws you in
deeply and takes you on amazing
journeys through power concepts and
thought-provoking dialogue, through
history and the undisputed facts of the
future and Hereafter; learning life
lessons and learning about yourself. The
journey doesn’t end until you end it (by
closing the Book).

Be so close to the Qur’an that you make it your
first point of judgement and guidance when
you quarrel or fall out with a relative, spouse,
friend or stranger. You place it before you
with the sincerity to resolve matters and
follow the causes for peace.
“… If they both desire reconciliation, Allah will
cause harmony between them. Indeed, Allah is
ever Knowing and All-Aware.” [al-Nisa: 35]

Be so close to the Qur’an that if you
happen to miss your daily portion of it, it
preoccupies your mind and you are not
at peace until you take your regular
nourishment from it.

Be so close to the Qur’an that just hearing the
words, “O you who believe…” strikes
something within your heart. You are all ears
and attentive; ready to respond.

Be so close to the Qur’an that you truly
feel its blessings in your life.
Be so close to the Qur’an that while many love
listening to music and lyrical tunes, for you
nothing can beat the melodious recital of your
favourite Surah (chapter).

Be so close to the Qur’an that you
actually walk F E A R L E S S. In every
place, at all times, and every stage of
your life. Your fear is only from One
Being, and He is above His Throne,
`azza wa jall.

Be so close to the Qur’an that the mere
contemplation of a verse brings tears to your

Be so close to the Qur’an that after a
long and tiring day, all you want to do is
make wudhu’ (ablution) and sit down
with a cuppa tea in a cosy spot for some
heartwarming reading and reflection.

Be so close to the Qur’an that it becomes the
first companion you turn to when you need to
hear comforting words, or a shoulder to lean
on in difficult times, or guidance in times of
confusion. It becomes your first point of
contact alongside salah (prayer) and du’a

Be so close to the Qur’an that its
melodious verses drown away the
meaningless chatter of this world and
you prefer listening to it instead of
listening to much of Mankind…

Be so close to the Qur’an that you become
recognised for it; in your character and the
way you carry yourself through life.
Be so close to the Qur’an that being in its
company makes you feel like you are in
the best company; the most serene,
thought-provoking, heart-warming, and
tranquil of gatherings. People think you
are alone… but you are anything but

Be so close to the Qur’an that you can’t
fathom the idea of dying without having
memorised it. You can’t see yourself standing
in front of Allah in complete ignorance of His
Book, His Verses, His Words.

Be so close to the Qur’an that everytime
you hear a verse, you stop and check
yourself against it. Is it a command/
prohibition which you adhered by?
Divine advice which you’ve taken on
board? Wisdom which you’ve learnt
from? Check yourself against every verse
and be the first to benefit from it,
because you are that close.

Be so close to the Qur’an that before
embarking on the path of knowledge, you first
immerse yourself in it. You do not place any
branch of ‘ilm before knowledge of the Book,
and thus you spend your early learning days
learning all about it.

Be so close to the Qur’an that its verses
replay melodiously in your mind…
Be so close to the Qur’an that you can find for
yourself a verse reflecting every moment of
your life. You will always know what to do.

Be so close to the Qur’an that the worldy
chaos around you only increases your
yearning towards secluding yourself,
reciting its verses and being in its
beautiful company.

Be so close to the Qur’an that nothing, nothing
can come in between it and you.

☆Qur’anic Gems☆ Day 7. Ramadhan 1435

Surah Al-Anaam, Verse 54:
وَإِذَا جَاءَكَ الَّذِينَ يُؤْمِنُونَ بِآيَاتِنَا فَقُلْ سَلَامٌ عَلَيْكُمْ كَتَبَ رَبُّكُمْ عَلَىٰ نَفْسِهِ الرَّحْمَةَ أَنَّهُ مَنْ عَمِلَ مِنكُمْ سُوءًا بِجَهَالَةٍ ثُمَّ تَابَ مِن بَعْدِهِ وَأَصْلَحَ فَأَنَّهُ غَفُورٌ رَّحِيمٌ

When those who believe in Our Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) come to you, say: “Salamun ‘Alaikum” (peace be on you); your Lord has written Mercy for Himself, so that, if any of you does evil in ignorance, and thereafter repents and does righteous good deeds (by obeying Allah), then surely, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

“your Lord has written Mercy for Himself”, meaning He has obliged His Most Honored self to grant mercy, as a favor, out of His compassion & beneficence [tafseer Ibn kathir]

Surely, when we think of Allah’s mercy, we can’t help but fight back tears. He is the Creator of all of us, He has the freedom of doing what He wants with us, and yet He (swt) chose to show us mercy beyond human comprehension. He is Ar-rauf, (Most kind) A-wahhab (The bestower), Al-lateef (The Most subtle) to list but a few.

He is the one who will always accept the repentance of the sinner up until the time his soul reaches his throat, the one who for every good deed double it by 10 but doesn’t do likewise with a sin (6:160), the one who is more merciful with His slave than the mother of the slave, the one who recorded countless reminders and advice for us in the Quran to take heed from.

In order to understand this amazing concept the grand scheme of things, the prophet (saw) informs us that “Allah has divided mercy into 100 parts, and He retained with Him 99 parts and sent down to earth one part.” [Al-bukhari]. We are witnessing just 1 part of Allahs mercy, subhanallah! Have we ever heard of such mercy?

“Say: “In the Bounty of Allah, and in His Mercy (i.e. Islam and the Quran); -therein let them rejoice.” That is better than what (the wealth) they amass.”

May He gift us with more from His ‘Gems’ and make us of those who live with the whole Qur’an, in heart and in mind, ameen.